Sorghum test plot in Madagascar

Sorghum Growth and Development Stage Posters: Now Available in English, French, and Malagasy!

We are thrilled to introduce the latest resource for farmers, researchers, and advocates alike: the Sorghum Growth and Development Stage Poster. 

This comprehensive poster is designed to aid in understanding the growth stages of sorghum, a vital crop with a wide range of applications in food, feed and biofuel production.

Sorghum, known for its resilience and versatility, undergoes distinct growth phases that are crucial for effective management and optimal yield. Understanding these stages is essential for farmers to make informed decisions regarding planting, irrigation, fertilization, and pest control.

This poster was developed by experts at Kansas State University and K-State Research and Extension. The poster presents a detailed visual guide to sorghum growth and development stages, accompanied by concise descriptions to facilitate easy comprehension. Whether you’re a seasoned agronomist or a novice farmer, this poster serves as a valuable tool for enhancing your sorghum cultivation practices.

The Sorghum Growth and Development Stage poster is offered in three languages: EnglishFrench, and Malagasy. Catering to diverse

 linguistic backgrounds makes the information accessible to a broader audience and empowers sorghum farmers and researchers worldwide.

English serves as a universal language of communication, allowing us to connect with a global audience. French, widely spoken in many regions where sorghum cultivation is prevalent, ensures that the poster is accessible to those in West Africa and other French-speaking regions. Additionally, offering the poster in Malagasy reflects our commitment to inclusivity, particularly in Madagascar, where sorghum is a significant crop.

Whether you’re studying sorghum growth stages in a classroom, planning your next planting season, or conducting research in the field, the poster is your go-to resource for comprehensive information in your preferred language.

We invite you to explore the Sorghum Growth and Development Stage Poster, which is now available in English, French, and Malagasy. Together, let’s cultivate knowledge and foster sustainable sorghum farming practices worldwide.