Investing in the future.


Empowering a new generation of leaders for climate-smart agriculture

We empower leaders and enhance our network of knowledge experts to grow the value chain and resilience of two climate-smart crops critical to food security in underserved communities around the globe.

K-State has historically provided leadership in the development of the sorghum and pearl millet value chains, hosting both global and domestic research, human and institutional long-term capacity strengthening, technology delivery, genomics-assisted breeding platforms and convening of global sorghum conferences in 2018 and 2023.

GCSM at KSU focuses on local capacity development, which is a crucial pillar of our University vision and international agriculture development culture which our US Land Grant University partners share. GCSM works with country leaders to identify opportunities to strengthen and enhance skills and research tools to enable global cooperation while moving towards long-term socio-economic benefits for communities dependent on these two climate-smart cereal grains.   

By providing training and research opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral associates and young researchers, the GCSM is investing in the future of sorghum and millet science. Early career researchers linked to key mentors are integral to long-term impact in-country research and development programs linked to national development goals.