GCSM and FOFIFA visit sorghum test fields in Madagascar.

GCSM team visits sorghum test fields in Madagascar

The Global Collaboration on Sorghum and Millet visited sorghum test fields in Madagascar in March to see firsthand the progress on the Climate Adapted Cropping Systems & Value Chains Development / Sorghum, Pearl Millet & Groundnut project.

The GCSM team traveled with FOFIFA and the Madagascar team to 12 different field sites monitored by the Madagascar National Sorghum Team and its partners to observe the first growing season and evaluate the growth potential for open-pollinated sorghum varieties (OPV) being evaluated.

The Kianjasoa Ansasu Research Station and the Tozzi Green Farm and Research Site were among the locations visited. These are two of the 12 different field sites that actively evaluate 16 sorghum varieties. 

The project has access to 68 sorghum varieties that were gathered from the Pan-African sorghum plant breeding network. The ability to garner seeds from other African countries with similar growing environments has jump-started the project. 

The GCSM team hopes it will also allow for quicker in-country registration of improved sorghum seed varieties with a focus on the five to six best varieties.

“Our key objective is to increase household nutrition through better access to improved seed for smallholder producers, their families and communities,” said Nat Bascom, director of engagement and leadership for GCSM.

GCSM will continue to focus on bringing together experts and research from across the globe, specifically the African continent, to share seeds, genetics, knowledge, technologies and partnerships to strengthen the overall sorghum value chain for nutritional and socio-economic benefits.

The project in Madagascar is supported in partnership with the Peanut Innovation Lab and funded by the Feed the Future program within USAID.

Header image: GCSM and FOFIFA visit sorghum test fields in Madagascar.