A Global Collaboration for Sorghum & Millet

Translational Science to Transform Lives

The Global Collaboration on Sorghum and Millet, GCSM at Kansas State University (K-State), focuses on value-chain growth and stability for two climate-smart crops critical to underserved communities around the globe. The GCSM is building these crops of the future through active knowledge transfer and global exchange of resources that reduce redundancy and increase productivity. 

The GCSM is committed to being a catalyst for collaboration, capacity strengthening and delivering improved technologies within global sorghum and pearl millet systems in the face of unprecedented challenges to the global food system.

GCSM at K-State focuses on three pillars: research, engagement and leadership.

Building on Success

GCSM at K-State will leverage its extensive collaborative research networks in West and East Africa, Madagascar, Haiti and our US land grant university and global partnerships. Through this work, the GCSM will continue to develop a global network of organizations that develop competencies across the sorghum and pearl millet value chains. Partners include but are not limited to National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS), Farmer Research Networks (FRN), SME-food companies, seed system actors (private/public/community based), US Land Grant Universities, USDA, USAID, other Feed the Future Innovation Labs, local and international NGO, and private sector companies.

Continued investments are expected to enable further implementation of translational research across these value chains in close partnership with our national teams addressing country-level development challenges.


Where We Work

As we build on the work that Kansas State University has accomplished over the past decade, we are actively engaging our in-country partners to scale current research projects and technology transfers managed by the GCSM.